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Information about New Presidential Dollar coins:

~Unusual Edge Letters on Dollars

~US mint press release.

~Production Schedule of Dollars to be released

~Legislation Authorizing Presidential Dollars in 2007


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that start with the letter

" P "


- See the "Professional Coin Grading Service".   Also, see the article about coin grading -"What is PCGS?
- a coin that was struck as an experiment or as a trial piece. Usually, of a new design or made of experimental metal alloys. U.S. Pattern coins from recent years are illegal to own because they are still considered government property.

However, older patterns were released to dignitaries, etc and are legally available to buy or sell in the numismatic market place.
parks quarters
- United States quarters series issued beginning in 2010 to commemorate US National Parks.  Sometimes abbreviated as PQ, for parks quarters and NPQ for National Parks Quarters.
peace dollar
- United States silver dollar made during the years 1921 to 1935. This design was first minted after World War II, and has the word "peace" on the reverse.  Hence the nick-name "peace" dollar caught on. Made of 90% pure silver and weighing a little less than an ounce.  Peace silver dollars contain about 77% of an ounce of pure silver. 
peace medal
- a U.S. five cent coin featuring a design similar to the original Indian Peace Medal commissioned for the Lewis and Clark's expedition. It depicts two symbols of peace and friendship in the center: hands shaking and crossed peace pipes. Click here to see an image. 
- a small denomination coin usually made of copper. In some countries the penny is one-hundredth of a larger denomination.  Example British penny.  Note - the US one cent coin, although often called a penny, has never been called a penny by the US mint.  The small US coin is officially called a "Cent".
- a penny weight is a means of weighing precious metals. Comes from the British weight system. There are 20 pennyweights in a troy ounce.  Click here for more weight comparisons.
plain edge
- a coin that does not have reading or lettering on the edge.  Example, the US one cent and nickel coins.  Plain edges are also found on the Sacagawea dollar coins. See different edge coins, as in reeded edge and lettered edge.  Plain edge errors can occur when the edge is not supposed to be plain edge, as with the minting of Presidential dollars coins. Two types of Presidential double edge lettered errors exist, overlapped errors and inverted errors.
planchet or planchlet
- a blank round piece of metal from which the coin is struck.  A planchet or coin blank is a coin before the design is added to it during the minting process.

- a precious metal scarcer than gold! Metallic silver-like in color.  Click here to read more about platinum.



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population or pop
Used in reference to the population, or number, of coins graded or certified by a grading service for a specific date or mintmark.  Example, "the PCGS pop for MS69 2003 silver eagles is 3,500".  See abbreviation "pop". 
The attribute "PR" is an abbreviation for "proof".  The numbers that follow (in this example 69) indicate the quality of the coin.  The quality numbers run from 1 to 70, with a 70 being an absolutely prefect coin.  See related topic-  "MS69".
precious metal
- metals of value. Typically gold, silver, platinum. However, can include palladium and rhodium.
Presidential Dollars
- Series of United States Dollar coins beginning in the year 2007.  Four $ coins are to be issued each year honoring the Presidents of the United States.  Coins are produced for circulation (P+D mint marks), as well as proof versions sold in sets to collectors.  4 coins per year until all the deceased Presidents have been honored.  For more information click here.

      Other websites with Information about Presidential Dollar coins:

Presidential Wives
- another name given for the First Spouses gold coins issued by the United States government mint beginning in 2007. 

     See articles about the US President's 1st Spouses gold coins issued in 2007:

price guide
- coin collecting book that lists typical selling prices of coins in various grades.  Example, The Official Guide Book of US Coins - RED BOOK.
Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
- one of the most popular and respected independent coin grading services in the USA.  For a fee they will grade, certify a coin as genuine, and seal it in a protective capsule type display holder.  Click here to view some PCGS certified coins.

 See related article PCGS What is it?  

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Links to PCGS articles at other websites:

More about PCGS

- a coin produced from polished dies and/or planchlets. Most often each proof coin is struck twice/or more which gives the coin a very sharp degree of detail and mirror like surface. Proof coins are usually made for numismatic purposes, presentations, or souvenirs. Proofs are usually not made to circulated in commerce. Mishandling can lower the value and grade of a proof coin. Proofs are sold by the mint during their year of production at a premium to cover their special manufacturing costs. Sometimes sold only in sets.
                                            Suggested reading -  What is a proof coin?
proof gold
- same thing as "proof silver" below, only made of pure gold.  Also see "mint proofing piece".
proof set
- a group of the different denominations of the proof coins made for one year. Sometimes packaged as a set by the mint. Example: One of each proof: cent, nickel, dime, quarter, and half.  Occasionally there will be some coins that are not included in the proof sets.   For a list of US proof set mintages click here.           To see Proof Sets for sale please click here.
proof silver
- unlike a similar term "proof silver coins" which indicates that a silver coin is in proof condition, "proof silvers" refer to samples of pure silver.  These are used to test and make comparisons during the coin assaying process.  By having samples of pure precious metals available mint assayers can accurately test coins for correct purity.  Most 'proof silver' and 'proof gold' pieces are made at the Philadelphia US mint and supplied to the other mints and government assay offices. Also see "mint proofing piece".
proofing piece
- see "mint proofing piece"
Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
- a substance put in plastic to add softness and clarity to the material. Over time PVC has been found to Leach out and damage coins.  DO NOT USE Plastic holders that contain PVC. Often found in packaging materials used to store coins, 2x2 coin holders, flips, baseball cards and photo album pages, etc. The coin collecting hobby became much more aware of the damage that PVC can do to a coin in the 1970's and 1980's when such coin holders became very popular. Because PVC acts as a softener in plastics, it is usually not found in rigid or hard plastic coin holders.  
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New Presidential Dollar coins:

~Unusual Edge Letters on President coins

~US mint $ coin press release.

~Production Schedule for upcoming Dollars.

~Legislation Authorizing Presidential Dollar Coins in 2007.


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