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Read these informative articles about coins, precious metals, and investing:

1863 civil war article about Continental Currency of the United States - Information about Revolutionary war paper money inflation and currency devaluation -   (click here to read) 


 What is a Troy Ounce?    (click here to read)

 E-gold, how to purchase gold electronically   (click here to read)

 What is a Proof coin?   (click here to read 

Secret Stash of Silver Dollars: True story about the Lavere Redfield Coin Hoard   (click here to read) 

What is so great about Platinum?   (click here to read)    

Investing in Gold & Precious metals (click here to read)   

Phishing - Protecting yourself on the web from email scams  (click here to read)   

2004 nickels - Peace Medal and Keel Boat  Louisianna Purchase coins  (click here to read)

 What is PCGS - The Professional Coin Grading Service?   (click here to read)

 What is NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation   (click here to read)

 When does Deflation Occur?  (click here to read) 

 Elliott Wave Theory - movement of markets   (click here to read)

 More about the Elliott Wave Theory  (click here to read)

 The Coming Economic Crash - by Robert Prector   (click here to read)

1862 civil war article about Postage Stamp Currency   (click here to read)

Mintages and Sales Figures for American Gold Eagles and Silver Eagle (Mint condition) Coins   (Click here to visit)

 Susan B. Anthony coin and Sacagewea golden US dollar coin mintages & production numbers.  (Click here to view)

Chinese PANDA Bear gold coin mintages & production numbers.   (Click here to view)

 United States Proof coin and Mint SET production figures and mintages.   (Click here to view)

 US 50 State Statehood Quarter production figures and coin mintage Tables.   (Click here to view the table) 

 The Chinese New Year - In What Chinese Lunar (Zodiac) Animal Year Were You Born?    (Click here to read)

 Australia Kangaroo nugget gold coin mintages and information.  (Click here to read)

 Kookaburra Australian Silver coins mintages and specifications.   (Click here to read.)

 Chinese year of the Animal - Australia Lunar Series Silver coins facts and mintages.  (click here to read)

 American Gold Eagles and US Silver Eagle Proof Coins Mintages and Sales Figures  (Click here to visit)

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